Freight transport in Alabama

Alabama Freight Transportation

Freigh transport
Freight Transport
Since Freight transportation fuels the state’s economy, the Alabama Department of Transportation has started a study of freight transportation to identify the opportunities for improving the public road network and to facilitate freight movements and improve operations and safety. Private sector freight operators are important users as well as priority clients for the State’s road network.
The committees which were organized earlier have been working on Freight Study, with appropriate modifications and representation. The Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) plays a very important role in providing information and comments reflecting the opinions of special groups that use transportation.

For this study, the SAG was reformed to include members from the private and public freight companies, development and regulatory agencies and planning organizations which directly involve in freight transportation. The SAG has strength of 70 members which will meet at specific times to review the results and comments on the items important for freight transportation.
Highway Emergencies
"*HP" is a cellular telephone network which provides direct access to Alabama’s state trooper posts. By dialing "*HP" (or *47) for Highway Patrol, motorists can contact Alabama’s state trooper posts to report about accidents, highway emergencies, suspected drunken drivers or other major hazards.

Alabama state troopers have brought this valuable highway safety initiative to Alabama with the cooperation of cellular phone companies at no cost to the caller. The “*HP" network provides a faster method of reporting highway incidents and hence the response time of the troopers are reduced and emergency action can be taken in a more timely manner.

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