Hands on with explore by Telenav's HTML5 navigation


Getting (or sending) turn-by-turn driving information is now as simple as clicking a link in a text communication or email with Telenav's new explore steeringweb app and your phone's HTML5 browser. OK, so there are more steps than just that one, but it's still an extraordinarily simple process.
Simply visit Scout me with any browser and search the city of your option for something to do, anywhere to eat, or somewhere to sleep. Destinations are prearranged into the main categories of Things to do, Food and Drink, Events, and Places to stay, with manifold subcategories for each of these top levels. Social system reviews from Yelp, CitySearch, and others are provided to help you create a choice.
Once you've resolute on a place, send it to your phone clicking the big yellow find the way button and entering a phone number or e-mail address that goes to your phone. You can also click the Share button to send the instructions to Twitter, Facebook, or e-mail.
Briefly, you'll receive a text message or e-mail (depending on the information you input) on your Smartphone with a link that you can click and open. After a corroboration page loads in your phone's browser, click yet another big yellow Navigate button to start the turn-by-turn directions. 
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