How to find the right car rental company?

People often waste time thinking about the type of car they are going to rent simply because they are so focused on the price of the rental. While it is easy to say that the model, make and size of vehicle, makes no difference, in reality this is a major factor which impacts not only the price but also your overall satisfaction with the rental.

Now you’re probably thinking you’ll just be content to rent a compact car, since it will help you save money. While this is true and not only will save on the cost of the rental, but also fuel costs, it is important to ensure that you can live with the decision to rent a smaller car. Because these vehicles offer less passenger space and luggage room, if you travel with adults and luggage you may just be better off paying a bit more and going to a medium sized vehicle.

Ask for an upgrade, even if you have not pre-ordered a medium sized car it is usually not a big problem because most car rental companies rent their small vehicles first and usually have some medium size cars available for those with a last-minute change of heart. Sometimes if you book a smaller car you can even get an upgrade for free so it does not hurt to ask, and it can only result in you getting a bigger vehicle, without having to pay more.

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