Tata's $15m project researching water as fuel

The idea of extracting hydrogen from water in a real-time fashion to power an automobile has so far been researched. One of the biggest problems in this case is that it takes more energy to release the hydrogen from its water-tight bonds than is actually returned by the resulting hydrogen.

But these laws of physics couldn't stop scientists from researching about this project. The Indian Businessman Ratan Tata sponsors Daniel Nocera of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for researching in to this project. The total project value is expected to be $15 million.

In 2007, Tata decided to bring the air powered car to market and signed a deal with MDI. In early 2008, the companies said that the car would require nearly two years of work. We have heard little information about it since then except a name change to FlowAir. Will Tata's hydrogen bet fare any better?

Source: www.sify.com

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