Volvo releases new S60 TTA racing car

In racing car series VOLVO is not the new name, it dominates the European racing cars. Now Volvo and Polestar combines to dominate the Swedish racing car championship. Volvo has other plans to change over to the TTA Racing Elite League. Rather than this Volvo and Polestar fielded in STCC and WTCC , the TTA exposed based on S60 sedan. It has 420 horse power and V6 driving and rear wheels through a 6 speed sequential gear box and it is boosted KERS regenerative braking system.
But the New S60 TTA is shaded by baby blue and has 450 horse power all wheel drive C30 prototype.

Motorsport show should be cool, exciting and fair. Volvo will fight with our competitors for selling best models. They are actually going forward to TTA -Racing Elite League 2012.

Feature of New Volvo S60 TTA

Length : 470 mm
Height : 1205 mm
Width : 1970 mm
Wheelbase : 2750 mm
Suspension : Double wishbone, three-way dampers
Track width : 1660 mm front/1630 mm rear
Body : Carbon fibre
Engine : V6 with hybrid system
Power : 420 BHP
Gearbox : 6-speed sequential paddles on steering wheel
Hybrid system : Kinetic Energy Recovery System
Brakes: Front : 4-piston calipers, 370 mm ventilated discs
Rear wing : 1600 mm width/300 mm depth
Rear : 4-piston calipers, 360 mm ventilated discs
Rims : 18″ with centre wheel nut
Front : 260/660-18
Back : 280/660-18
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