Porsche And Forza Motorsport Together Again

Porsche And Forza Motorsport Together Again
Rejoice Porschefiles! IF you have been a fan of the Xbox racing-sim Forza Motorsport series, you can once again cruise tracks in your favorite Porsche. While Porsche had licensed cars featured in the first three Forza games, there was an issue when it came time to include cars in the fourth series for the game. In the US, al rights to Porsche cars involving video games must go through game conglomerate Electronic Arts (EA).

After several months of waiting, a deal has been struck, and for the sum of 1600 Microsoft Points (about $20) you can choose from one of 30 different Porsche models to blitzkrieg your favorite track with. Check below the gallery to see a list of all 30 cars now available on Forza Motorsport 4, and feel free to share your favorite in the comments. We are personally attached to the 944 turbo.
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