The New Ferrari Enzo - First Look

Ferrari Enzo

It's hard to trust with Ferrari having just released the record smashing F12berlinetta that amazing more wicked would come along.
But from scout shots leaking from Europe, there is, and from the looks of it, it’s not just any Ferrari, but the next-generation Enzo.
Information is slight, but here’s what we’ve heard. Unlike the F12berlinetta, the design of the new Enzo internally chosen the F70 will not be a joint effort with Pininfarina, but will be an internal affair. A V-12 will likely be the engine of choice, paired to a KERS mixture system with all-wheel-drive grip. Some outlets have speculated that the 730-bhp 6.3-liter engine from the F12berlinetta will be used, which would simply place the new Enzo in the 800-bhp club. We expect vigorous servings of carbon fiber and aluminum for the new super Ferrari’s building, helping it weigh less than 3000 lb.
Considering how the last Enzo shattered its peers in our tests, setting 0–60 mph, quarter-mile and slalom records, we’d expect no less from its substitution. If so, look for the F70 to run sub-2.5 seconds from 0–60 mph, under 9.9 sec. to the sector mile and faster than 77.2 mph through our slalom. These numbers may seem impossible, yet Ferrari engineers continue to amaze us by delivering them.
Although the heavily clad test mule reveals few particulars regarding the styling of the new Enzo, our artist was able to pull enough details to pen a picture on what the upcoming Ferrari might look like. If rumors prove true, look for the all-new Enzo, F70, or anything clever name the Italians come up with, to bow at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. And with all the mules running about, that forecast looks to be true.
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