Top two ugliest cars in the World.


AMC Pacer
We chose the Pacer as No. 1 minimally because we saw SO many of them on the road over the years. The overall effect of the Pacer, illustrious by its oversized rear window, has been alternately described as "a pregnant roller skate," "a human terrarium" and "a fish basin." As added insults, those giant windows tended to escape and many models had seats with a blue jean motif plus brass buttons. On the brilliant side, these buttons served to "goose" a driver awake on bitter cold mornings. This advantage was outweighed during the heat of summer, however, when the solar-heated buttons parched into the flesh, causing what would come to be known as the "Pacer howl," an otherworldly scream that anyone going about his commerce would hear throughout any normal day and soon learn to ignore.
Fiat Multipla
Used as taxis all over Italy, the unique design Multipla looks like a car that was melted on top of another car. Like certain dog breeds, this model seems to have cornered the "it's so ugly it's beautiful" market. While it makes practically every list of ugliest cars ever (it&'s been described as having a "frog face" look), many owners and collectors revel in its "unique design." In 2004, the Multipla undergo a major face-lift to shed its original styling for a more reserved look, with the intention of attracting more buyers. But the result seems to have been a loss of its difference in the minds of many.
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