1952 356 Cabriolet - America's oldest Porsche

porsche cabriolet
This is Porsche's 60th anniversary in America, and the automaker began a search in August for the oldest model in the country. Today, it announced the winner: Dr. Robert Wilson's restored 1952 Strawberry Red 356 Cabriolet and its 1.5-liter, 60-horsepower tail-mounted engine. It was brought into the country by the man who brought Porsche to the country in 1950, Max Hoffman.

Turns out there's an even older Porsche here as well, although it was brought here, not sold here. Richard Brumme has a blue 1950 356 Cabriolet, one of the first produced, according to Porsche. The company also sought the oldest models from each of its twelve other lines, and incredibly, almost all of them are on the East Coast. Only two are west of the Mississippi, and one of them is in Texas. A 2006 Cayman is left alone to represent California.

Source: Porsche
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