Peugeot 206 modified

Modified Peugeot 206 Cobra
This Peugeot 206 installed with ‘Cobra’ Rear Bumper
Modified Peugeot 206 impact
Peugeot 206 with ‘Impact’ front bumper look sporty
Modified Peugeot 206 3
 One of our editor want to modify his car like this. Smart right?

Below are some short review about Peugeot 206
The heart of Peugeot 206 in Malaysia is TU3 1.4 liter engine which can generates about 75 horsepower. As far as everyday driving is concern, it is pretty sufficient and have no trouble going uphill. However, due to the relatively heavy weight of european design (1025kg curb weight), this car isn’t exactly a screamer at all.The Peugeot 206 comes with the 4 gear automatic transmission with tipronic.
There are several very nice features that comes with the Peugeot 206, some of which you can’t find in Japanese cars of similar prices.
HEAD LIGHT HEIGHT ADJUSTER - You don’t need to open the hood and using the screw driver to adjust your light.For 206,you can adjust the height of the head light from within the car.
STEERING STEREO CONTROLLER - While not really located on the steering wheel, the stereo controller is situated on the right of the steering wheel. Very handy for changing volume and radio channels.
DOOR INDICATOR - When a particular door is opened, it is shown on the stereo display. In most other cars, there is only an indicator light without any information on which door is opened.
ENGINE OIL INDICATOR – When you switch on the car, the level of engine oil is displayed on the meter console. no more getting your hands dirty checking engine oil level before any long trips
THERMOMETER – There is a reading of outside temperature displayed on the stereo LCD output, something nice to have though not exactly necessary. But, in-car temperature is not available.
Modified Peugeot 206 6
This dashboard looks clean with white colour. As one of our editor said,white is a very sporty colour and the owner of this Peugeot 206 really make a good job on his ride.
Modified Peugeot 206 5
 White and Red Colour? A good paint job!!
Modified Peugeot 206 2
A scissors door. It might cost you a lot in order to do like this.
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