Ferrari California featuring HELE system

ferrari california
The theme shown at this years Paris Motor Show, is automakers showing vehicles which don't seem to relate with the company's past history. Ferrari just added a vehicle fitted with a HELE system to the growing list. HELE means High Emotion Low Emissions and is a system designed to reduce C02 emissions.

The HELE System works by utilizing a start/stop function that can restart the car in 230 milliseconds, an intelligent engine fan and fuel pump control, electronically controlled variable displacement air-conditioning technology and adaptive gear shifts. The result is a 23 percent reduction in C02 emissions.

We may think that automakers are moving away from their traditional vehicles, but it's these cars that allow them to build the ones we love. For example, there would be no Porsche GT2 RS without the Cayenne. The Ferrari California fitted with the HELE System shows that the purveyor of the Prancing Horse understands the world is constantly changing – and Ferrari is doing its best to continue to build the cars it's known for while staying in tune with the current climate of the world.

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