Audi R8 Vinyl Wrap - Satin White

Audi R8 Vinyl Wrap - Satin White
It’s easy to confuse the Audi R8 for what it isn’t, but the Germany did a really good job offering a competitive product. Technically, it’s not a supercar at least not as a 4.2-liter FSI, but few other cars will offer you the same exclusivity for just €110,000 (in Germany).

Sure, it’s not very clean, or economical due to the fact that the 4.2-liter V8 is a bit of antique, but soon you’ll be able to buy one with 450 horsepower instead of 430.

For the fact that it offers quattro traction in combination with a mid-mounted V8, we love the Audi R8, and what’s why we’re pleased to report on a really cool custom job from Russia.

The customization studio of RE-Styling was recently offered a job to wrap an R8 V8 FSI in satin white. This white knight that will surely cruise the streets of Moscow in style has been fitted with carbon fiber accents and a set of 19-inch matte black wheels.
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