Matte Gold Mercedes SLS AMG in Dubai

Matte Gold Mercedes SLS AMG in Dubai
Matte Gold seems like a perfect color for cars that serve the transportation needs of their ownes in Dubai. Just think about it - it's like you paint your ride with sand, so why wouldn't you choose this coat for yout car?

Of course, supercar owners are well aware of this and we’ve got a video that shows the latest example of this: a Mercedes SLS AMG that has received a gift from its owner, in the form of a matte gold wrap.

The clip, which comes from Youtube user amazinguy1000, allows us to see how the color makes the car stand out and also brings us a few details of the vehicle. The matte gold SLS AMG was spotted at the Dubai Mall, where its factory-offered styling cues worked together with the matte gold wrap to offer it a lot of attention.
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