Ferrari 458 Powersliding Its Way through Corners: Driftease

The adjacent video brings us what can be classified as “driftease”: the car is slowly letting its back end slide and this is definitely working - it has captured our attention - but it’s not actually doing anything too serious.

This track play was recorded on the Spa Franchochamps, with the 458 dancing during the Ferrari Owner Days earlier this year. The track was all wet, so the owner decided to abuse the throttle, even though he didn’t step on it properly.

The event welcomed around 100 Prancing Horses, so there were also point of interest during the event. In fact, this is probably why the 458 Italia started dancing - to make sure that it, not the other cars, is the one that’s grabbing your attention. If you also want to offer it yours, you can just click the play button.
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