Important Tips for Packing Boxes and Storage Services

How the providing of your things are done at the time of moving, makes sure what will be the result of the switch. You need certain type of top-quality providing content which covers all your things in the appropriate way and guarantees appropriate protection for them. So as to reduce your problem the Chicago movers provide you moving boxes at reasonable costs and at quality. Different kinds of moving boxes are required for different kinds of objects and goods. Chicago mover provides you with the right kind of moving boxes for your favorite things and they do the providing themselves and seal it subsequently using proper packing tapes.

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Storage Facility should be needed

Are you shifting just for moment and might come back to the same place after some time? Well, in this situation you require just certain most essential things to be taken with you and need some products to be placed in your old house only. The Chicago moving companies remember your advantage has presented the service of storage space for your various storage space specifications. The Chicago movers moving companies provide you the benefit of saving your things for daily permanently. Also, they offer you with 24/7 security for your elements and services such as environment handled storage space for your advantage.

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New Exora Bold

Proton has finally joined the fraternity of forced induction (turbo) and to mark this momentous occasion they’ve placed one into their spacious 1.6L all-Malaysian Exora MPV and have dubbed their top variant the Proton Exora Prime 1.6 Premium!

Breathing new life into the Exora, literally, Proton seem to have made some significant changes to their S4PH Campro CPS engine block that produces 125bhp at 6,500rpm and 150Nm of torque at 4,500rpm in order to accommodate the turbo unit, earning itself a new name; the Campro Charge Fuel Efficiency (CFE) engine.

The new 1.6L Campro CFE engine now produces an additional 13bhp and 55Nm of torque to settle at 138bhp at 5,000rpm and 205Nm torque from as low as 2,000rpm effectively transforming it’s engine performance into that of a 2.0L Naturally Aspirated engine. The Campro CFE engine is available in the new Exora Bold Premium and the top-of-the-line Exora Prime model that comes equipped with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) which is most probably from the VT3 gearbox of Punch Powertrain (published maximum torque tolerance is 215Nm). In any case, having this will definitely keep power delivery smooth all the way till red-line whilst helping you save additional fuel, as the Exora gets a better power-weight ratio from the Campro CFE engine.

“The combination of the Campro CFE engine and CVT transmission not only gives the Exora Bold Premium and Exora Prime greater efficiency and fuel economy. Boosted with the more efficient 1.6L engine, customers will experience powerful performance which is comparable to a 2.0L engine, with much lower fuel consumption. The additional power kicks in to provide more pulling power when accelerating or overtaking. In short, it’s what you can aptly describe as a ‘pay-as-you-go’ engine, which gives you more ‘vroom’ for every litre of petrol used,” said PROTON Holdings Berhad Group Managing Director Dato’ Sri Haji Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir.

The Exora Bold, however, is offered in either an Executive or Standard trim, both powered by the naturally aspirated 1.6L Campro CPS engine, just that the Standard trim only gets a manual transmission instead of being provided a choice of either a manual or automatic transmission.
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Professional Chicago Movers are more reliable than Contract Laborers

When researching moving companies, it is necessary to do your homework and inquire about out those that only deal with professional movers. Companies with professional movers are probable to be licensed and insured, have a trustworthy status in the community and pack and load your prized belongings with interest and knowledge. Even if there are contract laborers that will also act efficiently, you are motionless running a risk by hiring a moving company without knowledgeable staff. For instance, a contract laborer is moving your coffee table, when the glass top falls and shatters on his hand. Is that contract laborer insured? Will he sue you for damages? What if the contract manual worker is untrustworthy and steals your beloved items? Also, who would you feels more contented with handling your priceless family heirlooms: professional movers, or contract laborers who do different jobs every week?

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We USA Moving and Storage, Inc., a Chicago Movers in Illinois, only do business with professional movers. Our policy is to not work with bond laborers so we can promise our clients that their property will be handled with the utmost care and expertise. Our movers are a quantity of the greatest paid in the industry and we have kept them so happy some have even stay with us for more than a decade. Our professional Chicago mover will do as much or as little as you wish. Be it to enfold, pack and cargo all of your items or just securely cover and pack your most valuable belongings; our Chicago movers are trained to do it all.

Contact us for a free estimate (800)626-4474, and our Chicago movers will be happy to help you have a successful, hassle-free moving experience.

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2013 Mercedes-Benz SL Picture Leaked


What's the only thing better than a 700-horsepower super-coupe? Why, a 700-horsepower supercar roadster, of course! Since the last two V12 supercars from Lamborghini – the Diablo and Murcielago – both spawned open-top derivatives, we knew it would only be a matter of time before the Aventador would follow suit.

Now the word on the street is that Lamborghini has got the Aventador Roadster all but completely ready to go, and that it is likely to present the roofless despot at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

We're hearing that the Murcielago Roadster's notoriously useless umbrella roof contraption has been replaced by something more functional, which we can only hope for. One way or another, we'll be finding out soon enough, as the Swiss auto expo is only a few months away.

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2012 Volkswagen Beetle Turbo First Spy Shots

2012 Volkswagen Beetle TurboVolkswagen began building buzz for the 2012 Beetle. The company's executives were throwing phrases like "fun to drive," "masculine" and "Porsche-derived styling" toward the would-be Beetle successor as far back as the 2010 Paris Motor Show. In this business, you either learn to read through hyperbole or choke to death on it, so it goes without saying that our hackles were quivering with skepticism at the time. Volkswagen could hardly blame us.


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Land Rover planning for a larger Evoque

land rover evoqueReports suggest that Land Rover may be working to launch a larger version of the Range Rover Evoque in order to split the difference between the current Evoque and Range Rover Sport models because the latter vehicle moves farther up market.
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World’s Top 10 Expensive Car Crashes

It’s always a sad situation when someone wrecks a car and the situation would be much worse if its an expensive car. The insurance and repair costs will be much higher for these cars. This adds fuel to the fire and the repair costs might make you weep at times. The wrecks which we have shown involve unique and rare cars which billionaires can only afford.


pagani-zonda-c12s crash



















Source: worlds top 10 expensive car crashes
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Ferrari launches limited edition 599 GTB 60F1

ferrari 599 GTB 60F1

Ferrari has been successful in winning the formula 1 races for 60 years till now and to celebrate it, the company has introduced a special edition version of the 599. Its the Ferrari 599 GTB 60F1. The Ferrari 599 GTB 60F1 will only be available in three liveries.

The 375 F1 livery pays tribute to Froilan Gonzalez's first victory for Ferrari at the 1951 British Grand Prix, while the Ferrari 150 Italia scheme is a tip of the hat to Fernando Alonso's win at Silverstone, the same track that Gonzalez conquered for the automaker's first gold. Alonso took the honor of the company's 60th time at the top of the podium. Ferrari also plans to sell the Ferrari 599 GTB 60F1 in a third variant that plays off of the 150 Italia livery.


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2012 Toyota Avanza have all new design for the exterior and interior. For the exterior part, all new headlamps, front grille and rear lamps. While for the interior, dashboard are using two tone colour, and enable full folding for third row.

Exterior glance, the changes appear on the grille is more sweet with a touch of chrome coating. Boomerang-like headlights model, but more broadly. Bumper and airdam also completely new. Highlighting the dimension, it seems Avanza 2012 almost no different than the previous model. Unfortunately, less attractive wheel designs, four bars. One thing is for sure, Toyota will offer the car a million people in the choice of new color.
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Honda Crosstourer concept

The Crosstourer concept is a bike that according to rumor is set to become a 2012 model with the 1200cc V4 engine from the VFR.
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VOLKWAGEN GTI By Derek Jenkins

Let's see what Derek Jenkins, the chief designer at Volkswagen USA, is driving. You'd expect a top of the line luxury car. But no, he drives a modified Golf GTI.

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Nissan Juke-Box 2012

Nissan has yet to release any official details on the Juke – including possible powertrains — but the compact CUV will slots between Nissan’s Note and Qashqai models in its European lineup, and will likely take residence below the Rouge in the automaker’s U.S. lineup.

Tavares also revealed the Nissan Quest will rejoin the automaker’s lineup next January. Nissan stopped production of the Quest last year in preparation for an all-new model to be built in Japan.
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