Renault Twingo RS-Sport Version

The Renault Twingo RS is present at the Geneva Motor Show 2012.This is a sporty city car which goes on sale in dealerships this month from Italian. This is the second generation of the RS, which now has the new styling details of which there are projectors with large round fog lamps. The design of the Twingo features in this version some details that are characteristic of RS. The interior also refer to the racing world, with sports seats, steering wheel and gear knob covered in leather, distinctive symbol of Renault Sport models.
 Rich set of accessories that are offered as standard, and that includes, among others, manual air conditioning, electric mirrors,MP3-CD player with aux input, ESP, four airbags and emergency brake indicator. The sports department of the French car maker has focused a lot on the engine the Twingo RS, trying to optimize the performance of the engine with the car’s dynamic capabilities. The units available on the new French car is a 1.6-liter four-valve which is capable of delivering 133 hp and 160 Nm of torque

These characteristics are exploited by the frame of the car that has been specially stiffened and which can also be improved with the adoption buoyancy Cup which has been lowered by 4 mm, available as an option. The Renault Twingo RS is available in Italy in all Renault dealerships from March, at a list price of 14,350 euros. A car that points decisively to achieve a certain score on this kind of passionate sports car.

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The New Colorado 2012

The all-new Colorado offers more technology and delivers more features and value than before; Interiors, exteriors and major mechanical features are all new and is poised to be one of the most clean-sheet midsize truck programs in Chevrolet's 100-year history.

The LT and LTZ double cab variants will be available for the Malaysian market via NAZA Quest Sdn Bhd with the 2.5L manual transmission and 2.8L engine in both auto and manual transmission. Vehicle deliveries are expected to be from April 2012 onwards and are priced from RM 88,888.00.

The range features a choice of two all-new Duramax turbo-diesel engines that provide a combination of performance and fuel economy across three specification levels.

Based on GM's global body-on-frame, rear-drive midsize truck architecture, the all-new Colorado is designed, engineered and executed to deliver best-in-class appearance, performance, versatility and refinement.

With safety in mind, the Colorado is developed to meet the high standards placed on it wherever it may be sold. Included in the Colorado range are features such as Electronic Stability Control, Anti-lock Braking System featuring Electronic Brake-Force Distribution, Traction Control, Hydraulic Brake Assist, Cornering Brake Control as well as driver and occupant airbag protection.
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Chicago movers offer Moving and Storage Services

Most companies have their particular offices in various locations which brings about employees acquire relocated frequently. Self safe-keeping business in which typically do it manually storage properties and warehouses observe the improving require and also started supplying moving safe-keeping services as different to storage goods only.
Moving and Storage Services

Moving Safe-keeping Firms suggest numerous varieties of Services

Storage Goods:

Moving safe-keeping firms suggest you store units to store the things concerning as less together week to so long as you desire. Chicago movers provide safe-keeping warehouses suggest many kinds of retailer units just like furniture retailer units, automobile store products, boat retailer units, etc. It is wise to keep hold of the services of a climate-controlled unit for this exact purpose especially in order to store those things for higher than a week. This will make sure that your items aren't getting damaged as a consequence of extreme climate. While selecting a retailer unit, determining the compulsory size with the unit is very significant. This will be certain that your things fit correctly inside the unit and you also pay limited to the gap that you might desire.

Moving and also Storage Package arrangement:

If you might be going, you could seek the services of any going and safe-keeping package of yourself safe-keeping company. More plus more people are regularly hiring relocating packages to stay away from the hassles connected with relocating. While picking a self safe-keeping warehouse about moving, you must be very watchful. You must not hand on the responsibility regarding shifting the household things to any industry. The business you hire wants to have a tremendous reputation. It must have suitable facilities for your secure travel and storing of one thing. Its do it yourself storage building wants to have good security systems to stop thefts and also burglaries. It's also advisable to examine the machine where the objects might be kept in the course of transit. The machine must be located in a well-lit position. The do it yourself storage warehouse wants to have gated ease of use and security cameras regarding security items. You should read the corresponding reviews in regards to the business just before finally selecting it.

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BMW South Africa introduced F30 based 3 series race cars

BMW F30 based race car
BMW has introduced the latest version of F30 based 3 series race cars. BMW South Africa partnered with ADF Motorsport to create the 335i race cars.

The N55 turbo straight six is bereft of power-adding tweaks due to series regulations that include a restrictor plate on the turbo and limited boost. ADF and friends have worked over the turbo, exhaust, and ECU, however, so the power train is still good for over 400 horsepower and 440 pound-feet of torque – a tidy increase over the 300/300 ratings of the standard production cars.

In addition, the car's limit weight has been reduced down to 2,998 pounds. Much of that savings was recognized using carbon fiber machines from the M Performance catalog. The team also borrowed a set of 14.5-inch front brake discs and 18 inch wheels from the minds at M. ADF Motorsport say this is the first example of a production-based direct-injected race car.
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Ford can power U.S. military's JLTV future

U.S Military's Ford Vehicle
The U.S Army’s Joint Light Tactical Vehicle program (JLTV) can be powered by Latest Ford V8. The BAE systems, Northrup Grumman and Meritor told that their proposed light fighting vehicle called the Valanx will have a Ford Power Stroke 6.7-liter diesel engine under its steel hood. This engine might be bullet proof. If it is good for Army’s Super Duty, then it is good for a Call of Duty.

The BAE systems Vice President Ann Hoholick announced that the Ford’s 6.7 liter power stroke will power the U.S. JLTV family of vehicles. He also said that the Ford’s products have a reputation for dependability and performance even under challenging conditions. This engine has a class-leading fuel economy and the best horse power and torque numbers. 

Ford spokesman Mike Levine told that we are proud of Ford’s 6.7 liter Power stroke V8 diesel engines and its durability and fuel economy.
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200 Duke: Lightness rediscovered. Maximum riding fun, powerful propulsion and optimum user value thanks to thoroughbred motorcycle technology. Featherweight chassis with high-quality components and first-class brakes. And dynamic cornering fun guaranteed with the surprisingly full-bodied and lively power of the cultivated, new four-stroke single-cylinder with injection, six-speed transmission and low fuel consumption. Precisely what you'd expect from a genuine KTM.
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Proton New Car Update

Upcoming Proton (P3-21A). The car to be officially launched by next month.The indicative price for the P3-21A is between RM62,000-RM75,000, with the actual price slated to be announced at launch.
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Chicago Movers Providing Professional Packing Services

Professional packing services
Chicago movers offer both moving and storage facilities. These services are perfect for those who need to use a storing facility before moving in their new house. These services also offer packaging equipments and additional help to make moving as stress free as possible. Several people use moving and storage services while their house is still not ready for move in but they have to move out of their current home right away. Under such situation, people store their things in a storage facility and move in their new residence with minimum things. Once they have their new place ready, they transport their property to the new house.

Packaging Materials

Chicago movers professional packing

Chicago movers provide not only moving and storing facilities, but also they offer all types of packaging materials. There is no need to go away from one store to another looking for packing material. Not everyone knows that, what packaging material is requiring for a particular item. In addition, not everyone knows how to pack. With the right packaging materials, we can ensure that everything is packed properly. If you are not known about how to pack the moving equipments, you can always request for make a call for professional help. Our company can send their staff over to help package their customer’s belongings.
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The New Range-Rover Evoque Convertible

the Evoque Convertible Concept is the world’s first premium SUV convertible. It is a bold design study that builds on the current model’s success and reflects Land Rover’s expertise at identifying and leading new market segments.
 This bold concept builds on the global success of the Evoque and continues Land Rover's tradition for creating and leading new market segments. The concept is being shown to gauge reaction and to assess the potential for what could be another white space product from the world's leading SUV brand.

The soft-top convertible concept is based on the Range Rover Evoque Coupe. It features a fully retractable premium roof system with a Roll Over Protection System [ROPS]. The concept cleverly combines capability and versatility with a drop down tailgate and a comfortable four seat package. The vehicle has been developed with Land Rover DNA at its heart, retaining key characteristics including a command driving position and all-terrain capability.

Inside, the concept is packed with Evoque's award winning technology including Terrain Response, surround cameras, Park Assist and class leading infotainment featuring an 8-inch dual view touch screen and a sound system from British audio experts, Meridian. The Evoque Convertible Concept features unique 21-inch Titan silver wheels and is finished in a new metallic Causeway Grey paint. The interior is in Lunar and Ivory with leather seats featuring sporty perforated panels and Ivory contrast stitching.
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Volkswagen plans to debut Electric vehicles on next year

Volkswagen electric carVolkswagen plans bring a Electrical cars into the United States late next year, The Volkswagen president Jonathan Browning told that the 2014 model will be an all-electric version.

Volkswagen will start with a limited roll out targeting specific markets before making the electric Golf available nationwide. The electric Golf also will go on sale in Europe around the same time. It's a fundamental part of our power train strategy, but sometimes it's good to be a little steadier in terms to the approach to the market. They also plan a plug-in version of its Audi A3 for 2014.

By 2018, Volkswagen envisions that about 3 percent of its vehicles sold worldwide will be hybrids and all-electric vehicles.

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Volvo introduced airbag system in its Latest V40 Car

volvo-v40-airbag-systemVolvo has introduced its latest 2013 V40 model cars. It has the special external airbag on the front side to protect pedestrians in case of any accident happen. This car was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, it has special sensors to detect the accident. If there is any accident happens, the sensor activates the airbag. The back end of the bonnet is released and raised by the airbag as it inflates to cover the entire area under the raised bonnet as well as around a third of the windscreen.

The cushioned bonnet and airbag helps to reduce the harshness of pedestrian injuries. Actually this airbag appears to be an iteration of an R&D project developed at Cranfield University in 2009.

The car also has a traffic lane keeping aid, which assists drivers to stay on course. According to Volvo's study, about 30 percent of all accidents are caused by turning off the road due to driver sleepiness or diversion. The front camera monitors the left and right lane markings and then the lane keeping assist applies extra navigation torque to the steering wheel when the car gets close to a lane marking and is about to leave the lane at speeds above 65 km/hour.

The car also has walker detection sensor to assess if a walker steps out into the road in front face of a car. If the driver doesn't respond in time, the car warns and it automatically activates the brake. The radar finds whether anything is in front of the car and the camera finds whether it is a person or not.This system is programmed to trace a pedestrian's movement and it calculates whether they are possible to step into the road in front of the car. If a pedestrian crosses the car's path, an alarm will on and a light will begin to flash. If the driver doesn't respond that, full braking control is applied automatically.

The car also has another one special tool called "cross traffic alert" to warn the driver, if any vehicles approaching from the side when reversing out of a parking space and it displays road signs such as the speed limit in-car display.
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Hire Professional Chicago movers for your next move

Chicago movers suggest a range of services that demonstrate a set of advantages and reimbursement of their own. Chicago mover present a wide range of services connected to moving and relocation. And these services could have various types of moving experiences like house moving, office relocation, moving of special goods like weighty machinery or musical instruments like piano etc.

These moving services are being accessible for interstate or one city to another city and even for worldwide relocation. This is one of the best benefits of hiring the services of professional relocations. You need not to get concerned in the trouble and doubts of the moving experience. The whole responsibility gets to be transferred on to the shoulders of our professional Chicago movers. Each and every task gets to be skilled in a very specialized manner. You are just to expend a reasonable price and in return, you are to gain a range of benefits by hiring the professional relocations. Those who desire to go through a hassle free and stress free moving experience can avail the services and benefits of our Chicago movers.
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Kia Luxury Sedan K9

Kia has revealed the initial photos of its very first rear-drive luxury sedan. 

Based on the same platform that underpins both the Hyundai Genesis and Equus, the car will be called the K9, but is expected to receive a different name for markets outside its native Korea.

No details have been provided on powertrains, although looking at the Genesis and Equus models provides plenty of info. As a possible base engine is the 3.8-liter V6 makign anywhere from 333 to 350 hp. As for V8 engine options, Hyundai has a 385 hp 4.6-liter V8 as well as a new 429 hp 5.0-liter version introduced in the Genesis R-Spec.
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Sbarro unveils Intencity car at Geneva

All automakers normally unveiling their innovations in Geneva auto show every year. This year sbarro introduced Intensity concept car and surprises all the customers and other manufactures in geneva by its stylish looking and features. This car is designed by Franco and his students at the Espera Sbarro school inMontbeliard, France. This car is an electrical vehicle that the power takes from a 100-kilowatt electric motor fueled by a 96-cell lithium-phosphate battery. By innovating this car,Espera Sbarro made the history.

An electric city car seems a little curious but as it turns out, the project was made in alliance with the Department of Energy and Environment UTBM in an effort to show what a future electric urban runner could look like.
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Terrafugia introduces latest Flying car

An American company Terrafugia introduces the transition flying car at the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS). This transition is unique vehicle. The company told that it is the time to introduce this car to the public after the years of testing and engineering breakthroughs.At the time of the press preview portion of NYIAS, Terrafugia will present its newest invention Transition production prototype, and details of the company’s upcoming plans.

Terrafugia was originated by 5 pilots. They were the graduates of the well-known Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in the US. Terrafugia, the name came from Latin word, which means “escape from land”. In 2009, they successfully did the first flight car with two-seats. When flying the car, it automatically unfolds the wings and take it up. In driving mode, it is 2 m high, 2.3 m wide and 6m long. It flies at the speed of 172 km/h with fuel 18.9 liter/hour. It uses only normal unleaded petrol rather than aviation fuel. It’s empty weight is 440 kg.

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The New RX450h debut

The new Lexus RX 450h will make its world debut at the Geneva motor show on 6 March, alongside the first F Sport interpretation of the full hybrid luxury SUV.

Due to go on sale this summer, the new RX will continue to play an important role in the Lexus model range.

Other highlights of the Lexus presentation at Geneva will include the first European appearance of the much-acclaimed LF-LC hybrid sports coupe concept, and the new GS 450h and GS 450h F Sport.

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