Los Angeles Auto Show Previews newest Car Models

Car Show

Honda unveils its FC Sport fuel cell idea car as the Los Angeles Auto Show opens for press previews at the Los Angeles Convention Center on November 18, 2008 in Los Angeles, California. Against a backdrop of economic disturbance, General Motors Corp, and Chrysler LLC will be virtual no-shows with no senior executives in turnout nor holding any press conferences as they concentrate on lobbying for central bailouts. Ford Motor Co. will be the only big American auto maker to have a important presence at the yearly event and compete with participating foreign car makers. The first major North American auto show of the period opens to the public on November 21 and continues through November 30.
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Alza advanced new features

Perodua has introduced an improved version of its top-spec Alza Advanced Version offering mild updates over the existing model with effecting a price increase. The new Alza AV adds a built-in touchscreen multimedia unit, new design for its leather seats, PVC coil mats, and a more prominent 'Advanced Version' badge to help you announce to the world that your Alza is worth RM70k.
Available only in automatic transmission, the prices of the new Alza Advanced Version are unchanged at RM69,503.50 for solid paint and RM70,003.50 for metallic paint, both figures are on-the-road with insurance in Peninsula Malaysia. Colour choices are Mystical Purple, Ebony Black, and Ivory White.
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BMW plans to sell cars via online

BMW i3 Electric car Sales Online

Here's a disregard throughout BMW's foray in to the EV market that people we had not awaited: On the internet product sales. Bloomberg is actually reporting that BMW starts it is i3 electric as well as i8 plug-in hybrid up coming year, the german carmaker will probably be selling the cars direct to customers through the Internet. 

BMW Cars is revealing it is power brand at the new London show room, part of it is Olympic sponsorship, however once the cars continue on sales in Europe the ordering process will be part of the car configurator, according to the report. A BMW rep explained to the news services that information intended for the way this kind of purchasing process works using its existing dealership multilevel never have still been resolved.

The motivation for on-line sales is simple: low costs for the automaker. On the internet car rates might be five to seven percent less than buying from a dealer, according to the report.
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Trust Chicago Movers to Transport Your belongings with Care

Making a transition from one house or developing into another can be an interesting time. Moving can indicate new origins and a clean new begin for a house or organization. Though this is a fun and stimulating time, the procedure of moving furnishings and personal valuables can be quite extensive. If you are in this particular scenario there is no need to fear. Chicago mover can transportation your products to your new location for affordable expenses. You don't have to be puzzled about whom you will seek the services of to shift your valuables. Top excellent employees will manage your factors with the best health care and with only the best devices.
If you have recently located or purchased a new house you may be thrilled and generally can't wait to settle into your new place. But then it may hit you that changing all of your place's material will be a considerable procedure. Furniture is large and considerable, your personal items amount to a large sizing, and there is just so much to wrap up for the move. Luckily knowledgeable moving organizations can handle this for you. One of the many alternatives that moving organizations can offer you are safely appearance up each and every one of your belongings to be moved. Everything will be successfully handled so that nothing will be broken. You can also believe in that your factors will be successfully loaded into an efficient vehicle for the transport.
Trust Chicago movers
With the best moving service you are assured to get the excellent help that you are entitled to. Whatever you want or need can be done. For instance you select the time frame and time that you would like to have your factors transferred. And you also select the period in which you would like this offered. The individuals are skilled and expert and will not dissatisfy you. Even if you own a company and need equipment shifted, experienced employees can manage these large projects without any issues. All of these solutions and more are offered at reasonable costs for all. And no issue how far you have to journey you can depend on having an effective shift. You can rely on the right organization to securely bring your products kilometers and kilometers away to your location.
Think about the sigh of comfort that comes after deciding into a new house. Once you have all of your products in position, the completing variations are already complete. Before you know it, you will be in your new house with all of you amazing factors already effectively unloaded. And these days you don't have to circular up untrustworthy individuals to help you to load up, fill, and transportation your valuables from one position to another. Believe in expert moving companies instead. You will be thoroughly fulfilled in the end. All you have to do is contact moving companies these days and put your thoughts at convenience. Create your shift less stressful than it has to be.
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Fascinating Reasons to Reduce the Stress of Moving Home

They have professional knowledge
Moving people to new houses is an everyday event for elimination organizations, often moving several housefuls of valuables in a common day. Use the services of an elimination organization and you'll be sure to create your shift simpler and preserve some of that all-important time.
Professional Chicago movers
They have insurance
The last thing you want on your moving day is to be unpacking your dearest valuables to find out that the invaluable container you've been cherishing for decades and decades has been broke on the road. One of the key benefits of using an elimination organization is that most of them consist of insurance coverage in their elimination expenses. In the traumatic weather of moving, it can be an awesome sensation to have the comfort that your valuables are secured.
They have professional packaging equipment
Now, it's very apparent that you'd rather keep that invaluable container than observe it get broke to smithereens in the back of a vehicle. Well, elimination organizations would rather see that container in one item too. That's why most will use professional packaging devices that will create sure security to even the most delicate of your products, preserving you a frustration and preserving enough time taken to resource your own packing services.
Packing Services
They often provide storage area facilities
Most elimination organizations know what it needs to assist in a shift to a new house. Often, you'll want to shop some of your products in the several weeks around your shift. Liberating up area in your house by saving products can be an excellent aid to create sure a sleek shift from one respectful residence to another. That does why any organization values their lines will provide storage area features to their clients. You may only want to unpack some important products at your new house to help you get resolved in and get on with beautifying your new living places. Make life simpler by relocating your moving and storage to our Chicago area Movers alternatives into a single organization that can do it all.
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Toyota IQ 2012

Toyota emphasizes the name IQ which corresponds to I – stands for ‘individual
ity’, ‘innovations’, and ‘intelligence. Q- Stands for ‘quality’. The design includes maximum cabin space, forward windscreen location and over all compactness.It comes with a 998 cc to 1.3 cc Petrol Engine and 1.3 cc Diesel Engine, 2 and 4 seat occupant capacities and the engine includes start and stop system. It comes with the standard features as Anti-lock Brakes, brake assist, electronic brake force distribution, traction control and Vehicle Stability Control. It also comes with 9 airbags – side torso airbags, dual front airbags and side curtain airbag.
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Chicago Mover Can Save You Time and Money

Most people think selecting a full service mover is an expensive high-class. To spend less, they load up factors themselves and line household into assisting with the shift. But, when you consider all the invisible expenses involved, is this truly a cost-effective choice? Time, connections, peace of mind and even cash can be stored in many different ways when you let expert movers manage all of the factors of your relocation.
A full service mover can send in professionals to load up every product in the house. Since they have been qualified, every product will be inventoried, examined for any current harm, and securely loaded. This helps you to save unknown periods and pressure. You don't have to scrounge around for boxes or packaging material, and you don't have to fear about wrongly loaded factors breaking. Professional packers can do the job much more quickly than you can, because this is what they do, and they do it very well. (Just make sure to routine their services in advance.
Chicago Mover Can Save You Time and Money
When it comes time to put factors in the vehicle, Chicago movers will manage all the loading, heavy lifting and transporting. They are fully covered against damage, so you don't have to fear. Hiring a Chicago mover means that you don't have to rent or lend a vehicle and figure out how to fit everything inside it with no damage anything. You don't need to lease dollies to shift the hefty furnishings. You don't have to beg buddies and household to assist you. You don't have to fear about someone getting harm moving heavy boxes and furnishings, and so you prevent the possibly expensive court action as a result of damage.
When the vehicle comes at your new house, you will have the option of being unpacked, or you can opt to have furnishings placed, and boxes left in the rooms you assign to unpack at your enjoyment. Think about how much easier it will be to unpack factors and put them where they fit when everything is carefully marked and cataloged.
Furthermore, if you purchase a full insurance coverage option from a full service mover, you will be paid for any damage or breakage that happens during the move. Yes a full service move is expensive. However, as they say, time is cash. Moving companies will free up a lot of your energy for more effective, profitable or pleasant activities. Furthermore, when you factor in the psychological pressure on yourself and your connections, physical pressure to your body (and the systems of loved ones), plus possible expenses of damage, harm, and insurance coverage statements due to accidents, it's easy to see why a full service mover is plenty and could actually conserve your funds.
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Camaro leads the way for Chevy app, nav incorporation

Camaro car

When we saw demonstrations of Chevy's MyLink system last year, it looked like the company finally had a solid contestant to Ford Sync. MyLink not only obtainable advanced voice command over phones and MP3 players, but also included smartphone apps.
However, as we saw in the 2013 Chevrolet Malibu, Chevy hadn't built a MyLink head unit that was companionable with a navigation system. The result: buyers had to choose between having sophisticated voice command or onboard navigation.
The 2013 Camaro seems to resolve that little problem. A press release notes that the new car will come normal with "MyLink and color-touch radio" on LT, SS, and ZL1 models. The release goes on to say that buyers will be able to option steering into that system, although the parenthetical "late accessibility" suggests Chevy engineers still have some work to do on the system.
It may be coming out later than the car, but that did not stop Chevrolet from posting a photo of the new steering system on Facebook. The image shows a very clean border, something Chevrolet has done well within the past. The maps look bright and clear, while a transparent information bar along the top shows the current music playback. Along the sides of the LCD are what look like touch buttons, another nice feature for a clean boundary.
We have few details about this scheme, but it seems liable the maps would be stored in flash memory. Without the steering option, it seems like the screen will still be present in the car, used only for the stereo, phone system, and apps. MyLink supports Pandora and Stitcher initially, and the LCD should support practical interfaces for these apps, such as being able to select stations and give current tracks a thumbs-up or thumbs-down. MyLink can coexist with satellite radio, so it is possible that the steering system will rely on this source for traffic data.
This new MyLink/navigation system also represents the first instance of an aboard navigation system for the Camaro, which until now has relied on OnStar turn-by-turn instructions. With all the bugs and addition worked out in this system for the Camaro, we should see it roll out into other models as they receive updates, and find its way into Buick-brand models, as well, which use a MyLink-parallel system called IntelliLink.
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Saudi youths mounting cars on brick pedestals - Do you know why?

We are not going to make believe that everything American kids do with their cars makes sense. Ghost riding, tray sliding. To be youthful and a car owner (or car borrower, in the case of most kids) frequently means doing strange and stupid stuff with your ride, and this rite of passage emerges to cross all cultures. 

These pictures of Saudi youths raising their cars on brick base appeared online this morning without much circumstance to explain why they are doing it or even how. The wire images only come with a caption that reads.

Saudi youths raise their sport value vehicle (SUV) with stones and bricks in the tourist area of al-Habla 50km south of the city of Abha in the southern part of the kingdom on July 12, 2012. Young Saudi males gather in al-Habla for a summer camp to escape the burning Gulf summer heat and spend time mounting their cars on display. They are at summer camp, so possibly a badge for car mounting is at stake, or maybe this is the most excellent way to protect the very hot Arabian sun from melting their tires. Toyota models of every vintage and explanation appear to be the favorites, but there are also Mitsubishi and Mazda model getting the stonework action. Regardless of the reason, the sight brings us back to our own youth when driving a car was license sufficient to do a little silly with it. Check out more of this strange entertainment in our high-res gallery.
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Grand Livina Autech 2012

NISSAN tuner AUTECH has gone to work on the Grand Livina and the result is a refreshed compact MPV that is now available in Malaysia.The 2012 update retains the 1.8-litre MR18DE engine, but now comes with a distinctive chrome front grille accompanied by a new front bumper with chrome finish.The Grand Livina Autech features 15-inch 6-spoke Autech alloy wheels.

Its appearance is given more depth with a diamond-cut, gunmetal-textured finish on each spoke.Autech is a subsidiary of Nissan.The enhanced model also sports a new colour in bronze gold and V-Kool Solargard Armorcoat window tinting. An Autech emblem fitted at the tailgate completes the exterior changes.

Interior cabin has also been altered with the use of brown or black leather along with an integrated navigation and multimedia system featuring a six-inch touchscreen GPS navigator with reverse camera, DVD player, USB and Bluetooth connectivity as well as the optional 10.2-inch roof-mounted LCD monitor.
This allows hands-free use of the mobile phone and lets occupants listen to their personal collection of music.On-the-road price for the seven-seat Nissan Grand Livina Autech is higher than the outgoing version, with pricing starting from RM105,800 (Peninsular Malaysia).

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The New Civic 2012 Prices

New Honda Civic prices
Civic 1.8L – RM 115,980
Civic 2.0L – RM 131,980
Civic 2.0L Navi -RM 136,980
Civic Hybrid – RM 119,980 (tax-free price nationwide)

Colours available for the new Civic 1.8 and 2.0 are Alabaster Silver Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl, Polished Metal Metallic and Taffeta White. The Civic Hybrid is available in Frosty White Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl, Polished Metal Metallic and Taffeta White.

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Triumph Trophy 2013

Triumph recently unveiled their first 2013 models with the new Trophy 1200 and special edition Trophy 1200SE. One look at its attractive design and anyone can tell these bikes are fully-fledged tourers, featuring broad fairing and integrated saddlebags.

The Trophy uses the new 134hp with 121Nm three cylinder 1,215 CC engine much like earlier Tiger Explorer. The ride by wire bike has traction control and cruise control as standard. The Trophy however has a slightly taller sixth gear compare to the explorer shaft-driven and with a decent 26-litre fuel tank, it also has long 10,000-mile service intervals.

All Trophys come standard with ride-by-wire throttles, traction control, cruise control, linked ABS (front brakes partially activated by rear), and an electrically adjustable windscreen. According to Triumph, with the push of a button, the windscreen is positionable within a range of 6.5 inches. 
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Future BMW X1 and Mini countryman to share platforms


The next generation BMW X1 comes sometime around 2015, it will be based on front - wheel drive architecture, sharing its platform with the Mini Countryman. This is not new news stories and editorials have been parsing BMW's FWD plan for more than a year, and in 2011 April, CEO Ian Robertson announced there could be six to nine latest BMW and Mini models as part of a "compact car family" based on a common platform. 

A report in Auto car about the switch adds a few more particulars, though. In addition to the cost profits from this arrangement, the next X1 will lose its six-cylinder engines but provide more room. The transverse-mounted engines preclude the six-pot unless BMW redesigns it, so strategies are for nothing any bigger than four cylinders and possibly the 1.5-liter, 3-cylinder power plant slated for the 1 Series GT. A Haldex clutch will carry on to provide AWD facility and the upshot with the smaller engine bay and firewall moved ahead is more room for passengers and cargo. 

The stage is referred to as "UKL," for Unter Klasse (Under Class), and its place in the product portfolio is it seems that more complex than simply saying it will form the basis for small Mini and BMW models: stories suggest it has been built with the suppleness to underpin the next generation 1 Series as well as the next generation 3 Series. No, that does not mean the advent of a front-wheel drive 3 Series, since the UKL stage was reportedly designed with features like a movable firewall support enabling transverse and longitudinal engines as well as FWD, AWD and RWD power trains. It does, however, mean the ads showing "This is why we don't make front-wheel drive cars" will most likely never surface again.
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Honda N600 derived retro city car exposed?

Honda N600
A wave of images showing what looks like a new kei car from Honda has appeared online. The small sized five-door looks to have borrowed its lines from the N Concept 4 that the Japanese automaker first showed off at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. That funky little engine raised design elements from the beloved Honda N360/N600 of the late 60s and early 70s. 

This growth comes as no shock, as Honda official told us in November that the concept's warm reception would lead to a manufacture model. These black-and-white images look to be raised from patent filings, although there are no strong details available. That has not blocked the web from guessing about the whole thing from final dimensions to what's under the hood. Japan has severe regulations governing what can actually be considered a kei car, which means this retro-seeming creation will almost surely be no more than 133 inches long and 58 inches broad. 

Also in-line with kei-class system, the vehicle will likely show off a 660cc VTEC four-cylinder engine good for around 64 horsepower, though we won't know for certain until Honda discloses the official reports on the finished product. Don't wait for to see this engine on our shores, however. With its small size and output, odds are this one will continue to set aside for the Japanese market.
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The All New Ford Ranger Malaysia

The all-new Ford Ranger comes in three variants which includes the 2.2 XLT 4×4 6-speed automatic Double Cab, 2.2 XLT 4×4 6-speed manual Double Cab and the 3.2L Wildtrak 4×4 6-speed automatic Double Cab.The available all-new Ford Ranger models feature either a Duratorq TDCi 2.2L Variable Geometry (VG) Turbo diesel engine with 6-speed automatic transmission or manual transmission or a Duratorq TDCi 3.2L VG Turbo diesel engine 6-AT.

While the 2.2L VG Turbo engine delivers 148 hp and 375Nm of torque, the Wildtrack’s 3.2L VG Turbo engine offers a power output of 197 hp with a substantial 470Nm of torque. The fuel consumption of this five-cylinder diesel engine in a combined cycle is among the leader in its class with fuel consumption as low as 8.1L/100km and  8.9L/100km for the 2.2L and 3.2L respectively.
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Latest Renault Clio Comes with Six engine-sounds


This Renault Clio will only come as a five-door hatch, but it provides a serious amount of personalization options inside and out to divide each car from what will possible be a very huge group. In addition to the complementary colors accessible on everything from the frame insert to the steering wheel, the R-Link home screen can be set according to user preference, and the app R-Link ecosystem is being optimistic by Renault's appeals to developer talent and startups. There is also the somewhat gimmicky R-Sound Effect, which can pipe "six different engine sound profiles" into the cabin when you tire of the natural, small-displacement exhaust note. 

More substantive improvements are found under the cover, in the shape of an available three-cylinder turbocharged, 0.9-liter TCe 90 gas engine with 90 horsepower and 100 pound-feet of torque. Other engine choices offers a 1.2-liter TCe 120 gas with 120 horsepower and the 1.5-liter dCi 90 diesel with 90 hp and 162 lb-ft. The last two power plants will be paired with a six-speed dual-clutch transmission.
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High Gas Mileage Cars - Ultra Competent Models That Are Light on the Holder

High Gas Mileage Cars

Having cars or motorcycles is very necessary in our life. This extends to 'new breed' vehicles such as fusion and hydrogen powered cars. Are you awake of the gas price lately? All of us want to have a car that is able of good gas mileage. People that are in the market of retail a new car are searching for the high gas mileage cars. Here are some of the specially fuel effectual cars that are available in the market today:
Toyota Prius that gets 45 mpg and has a tailgate back feature that make transport easier. The Honda Civic and Honda Fit are very apposite for a busy American family in today's way of life. Honda Civic is the right option if you're looking for a 4-door family car that can achieve near to 40 mpg. This car is very fashionable and will give you that hip look. The hybrid version of the Civic is presented by the Honda in the market today. The Ford Focus car is especially low cost that covers 35 mpg. There are lots of cars that are accessible nowadays that have a low gas mileage. These facts will help you to know the obtainable cars in the market that have high gas mileage and are moderately low cost for what you are getting.
You need to read the owner's physical over and over again after you have elected the car that you want to buy. This is because this owner's physical will give you the right information that you need. If you drive lacking knowing the right information, you can lower the gas mileage in your high mileage car. Surely that's not what you want from your latest car. You will find out the needs of your car in order to flourish. Your normal service oil change could be at 3,000 miles or ever 3 months, it usually depends on the kind of oil that you use in your car and the recommendations from your producer. The artificial oil might be needed by your car in which case it might not need to be distorted frequently. An auto technician is the best personality to refer to when you have questions about the oil changes.
The correct dimension of PSI on each tire is very significant in your high mileage cars in order for it not to bog down. To have an ultra competent car don't load your stem too much. A clean car gives not only a huge look but it helps in getting the best gas mileage especially when you wax and wash your cars outer part. Always check your gas, particularly when you're refilling at the gas station. By following these sensible tips you can enjoy your especially low cost car with high gas mileage for a long time.
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SSANGYONG introduces the RODIUS paramedic ambulance

SsangYong Rodius Ambulance
There are several vehicles sold out of the country that we desire we could arrange stateside. The SsangYong Rodius is not one of them, but at least the Korean auto manufacturer has found a use for the awkwardly balanced crossover. 

Based on the four-wheel-drive Rodius EX, SsangYong has introduced an ambulance version in the United Kingdom. The first instance was developed specially for a paramedic who specializes in off-road sporting events where an all-wheel-drive ambulance could create the difference between life and death for an applicant. The Rodius' low weight floor, high roof and large interior were also at the top of the requirement list, but so was its cost-efficiency. At last day, you can say what you will about the Rodius – it does provide a high versatility-to-price ratio. Costs for the basic version begin at £14,995, but even the top-of-the-line Rodius 270 EX on which the ambulance was based still only comes in at £20,995 while packing a 2.7-liter diesel with all-wheel drive and a Mercedes-Benz-sourced five-speed automatic. All the chimes and whistles are included, as well, along with enough room to lay even the tallest enduring down in the back, plus all the medical apparatus required for the job.
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