The All New Ford Ranger 2012

Ford has finally unveiled the all New Ford Ranger. as they unveiled what’s claimed as the “best in class” truck in a variety of aspects. It certainly looks much bigger than the current one, bold and handsome, and the features are impressive.

measures 5,359 mm long and 1,850 mm wide, which means it takes over from the Nissan Navara (5,230 X 1,850 mm). The Ranger’s wheelbase is 3,230 mm long, which is also the longest in the segment.

The new Ford Ranger 2012 specs gets the power which comes from a choice of new engines – a new 2.2-litre Ford Durator turbo diesel four-cylinder engine putting out 147 hp and generating 276 lb.-ft. of torque, a new 197-hp 3.2-litre inline five cylinder turbo diesel and a 163-hp 2.5-litre Duratec “four”, which can be configured to run on straight ethanol (for those markets that use it). Five or six speed manuals and six-speed automatic transmissions are available across the Ranger 2012 lineup, with the automatic featuring grade logic control.

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2015's Land Rover Defender will build in India

The report of Autocar states that 2015’s Land Rover Defender will be built at Tata’s plant in pune,India. The Defender is a truly old school body-on-frame SUV that sells in small numbers compared to the rest of the Land Rover line. But it has benefitted from latest technology, some regulatory gymnastics and exemptions and, like the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen, a warm place in people's minds. If it's going to be around, though, LR would like to move more of them. Building the next invention model in Pune with last meeting of some examples in England, a reverse of what's done now with products like the knockdown Freelander could give the Defender's bottom line the further advance technology it needs, as well as close proximity to Middle Eastern and Asian markets. It is estimated that the next Tata Aria SUV will be close enough in dimensions and developed to share the same facility with the 2015 Defender. It is predicted to have the common features of the DC100 idea. The present Defender is slated to stay on sale until 2017, and will probably be built in Solihull, England.
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Purpose for Choosing Chicago Professional Movers

We facilitate businesses and public move from Chicago to another state or from another state to Chicago. We are the professional Chicago movers who worth your time and belongings while moving. Our services are extremely reasonable whether you are a business person moving with your trade or a family moving from one house to the next. We are one of the most excellent Chicago storage services providers since we pack and unpack at a reasonable cost.

Chicago movers

Our specialized team of Chicago mover will move toward with packing material as requested by customers and also big moving trucks that will fit all your business goods. We transport electronics, art, computers, and expensive things in corrugated boxes. Packing and unpacking is finished at a client's request and in the middle of the storage goods are as follows; small boxes, medium boxes, large picture boxes, dish pack boxes, wardrobe boxes for hire and buy. We make available for packing paper, packing tape and also reduce in size wraps at an affordable price.

A business person will discover out that we are the best professional Chicago movers at the same time moving the whole business section into a different place in Chicago or a different state. We will exchange a few words directly to your facilities manager, relocation manager or office manager left in charge of moving the trade to a different place. We pay attention to clients and what their requirements are relating to moving the following profitable facilities; administration offices, hospital tools, lodge installations, internal design companies, learning institutions, trade stores, and others.

Local Chicago movers
Chicago moving can be ready affordable for you and your family since we will give all the essential events to make sure that your move is to happy and also secure. It is forever hard to change to a new place but we facilitate in making the move easier by watchfully packing for you and also unpacking. Between our services, we offer the best Chicago storage services such as cautiously packing your belongings into boxes and transporting them with care. Our teams of skilled Chicago movers know how to stock up each and every expensive item since some items are very delicate and we put all these into thought. Chicago moving requires fresh trucks packed with suitable moving pads which are at your examine. Uniformed Chicago movers will help out all the essential behavior for a successful move. We plan the transport for our customer's handiness and we are also enthusiastic to build reasonable stops at the same time as moving for our customer to choose up new objects earlier than the final destination.
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Fiat agreed to provide 1 lakh diesel engines to Maruti Suzuki

FIATItalian carmaker Fiat and Japan's Suzuki Motor Corporation have signed an contract to provide one lakh diesel engines to Maruti Suzuki India, which will assist the country's largest car maker to manufacture more engines.

Then the two auto giants contracted to supply Fiat's 1.3 litre-multijet engine - approved by Fiat India Automobile, which is a joint venture between Fiat and Tata Motors - to Suzuki's Indian arm, Maruti Suzuki India.

The JV Company will deliver up to 100,000 engines yearly to Maruti beginning January this year for a time of three years. The production of multijet 1.3 litre engines for Maruti Suzuki will commence in the fourth week of January at Fiat India Auto's Ranjangaon plant in Pune, and supplies will start again at the earliest. The supply of these engines got stuck on pricing issues.

This development will give a relief to Maruti, which has over 1,10,000 consumers waiting in the queue to get delivery of its largest selling car, Swift. The company is gearing up to raise production at the Manesar plant to deliver more diesel cars.

A senior Maruti Suzuki offical told ET, "Swift will absolutely get favored treatment, and we are confident of crossing 20,000 units of Swift in a month. And with the new Swift Dzire in the pipeline, extra deliver of engines would be of huge help to make our customers sooner."

Starting January, Suzuki Powertrain - a subsidiary of Maruti Suzuki - will begin producing 5,000 more units a month, and the extra 8,000 engines from Fiat's Ranjangaon plant would mean, there will be extra 13,000 more diesel engines at the removal of Maruti Suzuki, which would help the carmaker clear some of its backlog.

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TACOMA TRD T|X Baja Series – Coming May 2012

Inspired by  Baja racing heritage comes the highest-performance off-road Tacoma ever. This limited-edition truck features a package that includes a host of race-inspired upgrades and custom graphics designed to satisfy any true off-road enthusiast.

Unique TRD Specs:

  • TRD Bilstein® race shocks (60mm front with red coil springs/50mm rear with remote reservoir)
  • 16-in. TRD beadlock-style wheels
  • BFGoodrich® All-Terrain T/A KO tires (LT265/70R16)
  • TRD cat-back exhaust
  • Exclusive exterior graphics
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KIA K5 2012

the all-new Kia Optima K5. Launched in Korea in April 2010, it’s been slowly introduced in many countries but limited supply has prevented NazaKia Malaysia from launching the car earlier, so it has had to soldier on with the rather plain second generation for more than a year. Though it must have known it had a winner for the showrooms, the unexpectedly high demand in the US market caught Kia by surprise and it’s been sending most of the output from its Korean plant there. However, Kia’s factory in America will soon begin producing the model so output from the Korean plant can then be allocated to more countries.
“I can assure you that more cars will be sent to Malaysia next year since our US factory will take over production of the new Optima for the American market,” said Thomas Oh, Senior Executive Vice-President & COO of the International Business Division of Kia Motors are the launch this afternoon in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
The strong demand for the Optima in the US (and other countries where it has been launched) is not surprising; it is yet another confirmation of the excellence of Peter Schreyer’s design direction which has revitalized the Kia brand. Before Schreyer joined Kia in 2006 (he was with the VW Group working primarily on Audi products and was also involved in the New Beetle of 1997), Kia’s products were nondescript and dull. But setting a clear and distinctive design direction was one thing, Kia itself had also to rise above mediocrity in engineering and this too has been achieved in no small way.
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MP’s demand to reduce the car cover cost

Hard-pressed motorists enforced to handle rising insurance premiums may soon get some good news. In MPs' committee this week challenged the insurance industry to decrease charges. The committee said car cover prices have spun out of control because of rising claims for whiplash injuries. And it accused insurers and lawyers of cashing in on crash victims by taking fat fees for passing their names on to claims companies. Louise Ellman Mp of the Transport committee said that Insurers, solictitors and claims management companies have themselves to driven up the cost. She demanded more transparency about the charges and those consumers be given clear information on referral fees and who earns money from them. That prompted finger-pointing between the insurance and legal industries, with both trying to blame the other for rising charges. Desmond Hudson, chief executive of the Law Society told that the insurance industry itself is fuelling the costs of accidents and passing them back to motorists. The fact that it sells accident details to third parties certainly fuels the number of claims. Some firms have a record of seeking to pay off the victim of an accident whether or not that victim has been injured." John Spencer, director of Spencers Solicitors, said that Insurers should make offers without requiring any medical evidence. Their hope is to buy off a claim before the injured person seeks independent legal advice and is properly represented. The committee demands that referral fees need to be banned across the board. However lawyers' fixed costs also need to be reduced. At last the Transport Committee said that the Government should set up a cross-departmental ministerial committee to look at reducing the cost of motor insurance.
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Advantages of Hiring Chicago Movers while Relocating

People switch from one house to another for primary factors like their switch techniques at their locations of work, search for better living circumstances and better community for their increasing kids. Some do not just modify locations but they even modify nations around the world. Is essential going can be very boring if you have to have all your items yourself or if you have too many items. Selecting Chicago movers can help you have the complete going procedure in the best possible way.

Chicago mover

Moving in Chicago with the help of expert Chicago movers will save you a lot of time and hassle. Moving procedure is no little business because you need to package and shut off the items in containers before searching for them to the new position. This can take a lot of effective duration of yours. USA Moving and Storage organization will do all the necessary work that is relevant to a smooth moving. They have the right products and work to package all your products in the given time-frame. They know their job well and invest you the time-frame necessary and will make sure that they follow it. Only you need to do a shut guidance to make sure that things are managing well as per your wish.

Chicago movers

Many people are cautious to seek the solutions of Chicago Mover presuming that, selecting a mover would be very costly. But, this is not the case. When you switch by yourself, you need to carry the expenditures of providing your things, hiring a moving truck, loading the vehicle, petrol and foods on the way and unloading the things. You can prevent these expenditures by our Chicago moving companies. If you do a little bit of analysis, then you can find good Chicago movers that really offer cost-effective solutions that will fit within your budget.
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Ford Introduces New midsize Car to Challenge Japan

A new Fusion, with a new well-developed design, will be introduced at the Detroit auto show. It’s infrequent for an auto company to undertake a total revolution of one of its best-selling models, from the styling to the seats to the choice of engines.
Ford Motor Company did with its new Fusion sedan, to be introduced Monday at the yearly Detroit auto show.
The current Fusion ranked third in sales among all cars in the United States last year. Everything was changed on latest version that goes on sale. In this “blue oval” Ford badge was embedded into the hood of the car.
That attention to detail amazed even William Clay Ford Jr., the company’s executive chairman. “At earliest, I thought the blue elliptical was center.” Mr. Ford said in an interview. “But it’s really pretty beautiful.”
The new look is just one aspect of Ford’s all-out bid to gain share in the competitive midsize car segment dominated in recent decades by the Japanese automakers. To further differentiate the Fusion, the company will offer four engine options, including a plug-in hybrid it promotes as the most fuel-efficient car sedan in the world.
The revamped Fusion underscores just how hard Detroit’s automakers are approaching to freeze their turnarounds with enhanced passenger cars. General Motors, Ford and Chrysler accounted for 60 percent of trucks and S.U.V.’s sold in the United States in 2011 and makes most of their income from larger vehicles. But they still remain in one-third of the car market.
That will change, if their Detroit show models attract new customers. Besides Ford’s Fusion, G.M. will reveal a new small Cadillac, as well as its own contender in the midsize market, the
Mr. Farley said that the family sedan is still remains in the heart and soul of the American garage. The plan is so suggestive that it invites customers to seem beyond the surface to our quality and our fuel wealth.
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BMW introduces 2012’s new mini cargo

BMW-ClubmanBMW plans to introduce a new version of the Mini cargo called Clubman in March at the Geneva Motor Show. The small van based on the 3.96 meter long and Clubman will have only two seats. Instead of sitting in the rear bench is there a long load floor. The rear side windows are replaced by a sheet metal roof. The car will appeal especially delivery services in the city who need an agile car.

Creating the Mini Cargo sounds similar to a easy adequate method. Auto Motor und Sport reports that the work-ready shipper will be based on the clubman with the back bench seat removed in support of a long cargo floor. The rear area windows will be abandoned for sheet metal.

We're interested to observe what additional alterations will be prepared to the Clubman in its conversion to a proper panel van. Will the passenger side rear hinged door be left alone, or removed?. Will the rear suspension be strengthened to contain for heavy carrying? we'll have to stay until March to see.
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