Amoritz GT DR7 Becomes DoniRosset : First Brazilian Supercar

Amoritz GT DR7 Becomes DoniRosset : First Brazilian Supercar
Back in 2010, we showed you a rendering of what was Brazil’s first supercar proposal and we are now back on the topic to show you how the project has evolved. First of all, the Amoritz GT DR7 moniker has been dropped, being replaced with a more down-to-Earth name: DoniRosset, and instead of a vague rendering we now have a set of images, albeit CGIs.

Before we move on, we’ll tell you that the aforementioned name comes from that of the Brazilian entrepreneur that started the project in 2008 - William Denis Rosset.

Power comes from a Dodge Viper-borrowed 8.4-liter V10 (this is from the second generation of the Viper, not the current one), which has been converted to run on ethanol and received twin turbos in order to deliver 1,007 hp. The unit works with a Mendeola six-speed sequential transmission, but no performance data has been announced.

Inside, we find a piece of McLaren F1 inspiration, with the cabin using a similar layout: a central driving position and two individual seats in the back.

William Denis Rosset has presented a clay model of the car to potential customers and has received a few deposits. We have to explain that the vehicle, which comes with a price tag of $1 million (EUR804,250) at the current exchange rate), was supposed to be a one-off, but the company now wants to build 50 units.

Of course, it needs investors in order to do this and we all know how tricky the supercar world can be when it comes to this, as many have tried to scam potential investors over the years. Let’s just hope that this is not another case of that.

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