Automakers Plan to Set Global Standard for EV Charging

Automakers Plan to Set Global Standard for EV Charging
In an effort to promote a quicker adoption of EVs, the major global automakers are expected to cooperate and collaborate in the setting of a global standard for EV fast charging. There are currently two different charging systems in use, CHAdeMo and Combo, which, apparently is one too many.

The CHAdeMo fast charging system is mainly promoted by Japan, but according to Hideaki Watanabe, Corporate VP of Nissan, “There’s really no conflict between the CHAdeMo and Combo systems. We just have to work together to standardize the charging systems.” The ‘Combo’ fast charging system is the one favored by Europe and the US, and it’s the system they want to promote around the world. According to Rudolf Kerbs, Volkswagen AG’s group chief officer for electric traction, who stated last week that the two sides “need to make concessions”, he went on to say that it would be ideal if, somehow, the two charging methods were made compatible with one-another, so that over the course of the coming years they would eventually merge into one single system.

However, China, the ‘soon-to-be’ biggest player on the global auto market, wants to adopt its own, separate system, thus forcing the automakers to comply if they want to sell their EVs in the PRC. We’ll just have to wait and see how this pans out.

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