Crocodile Art on Mercedes SL in Monaco

Crocodile Art on Mercedes SL in Monaco

When customizing your car, there’s always that off chance that you’re going to get something disturbing and disgusting - a total waste of money. Often, the culprit is a strange body kit, but this time is different.

“Come to my shop and I’ll paint a crocodile on your car. It will be perfect. Trust me, I’m an artist,” is what the owner of this car probably heard. That, or the actor from Crocodile Dundee actually moved to Monaco and need a set of custom wheels.

The croco-livered Mercedes SL was recently caught by our friend LambofanX in a parking garage of Monaco. It’s got scales on the back and thee crocodiles painted on it in total - one for each side and another on the bonnet. Honestly, people in Monaco should have more class than this.

The car now looks like one of those cheep amusement park rides with monsters and dancing girls on them.
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