Decatted Nissan GT-R Sound

Decatted Nissan GT-R Sound

While Nissan is busy releasing a new campaign for the GT-R, which sees the supercar being linked to Olympic Gold medalist Usain Bolt, owners take the time to do exactly what the carmaker told them not to: tune Godzilla.

Decatting a car is not the smartest choice in terms of car modifying (you have to consider the eco and legal issues), but there are still enough people that do it. We've recnetly come across a clip that allows us to see how a decatted GT-R sounds.

The video, which comes from Youtube user amazinguy1000 brings an example of the supercar that has received a matte black vinyl wrap and has had its catalytic converter removed. The 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 now sends its voice directly to the atmosphere and you can listen to it by clicking the "play" button.

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