Lindsay Lohan Crashes Porsche 911

Lindsay Lohan Crashes Porsche 911
We’ve just learned that actress and socialite Lindsey Lohan saw the bad end of an eighteen wheeler. Yes, 25 year old just can’t seem to catch a break and has crashed a Porsche 911 into a truck.

Was she distracted because she was thinking how long it’s been since her last media scandal? According to a TMZ report we can at least take alcohol off the list since law enforcers reportedly tested both her and the truck driver, and both weren’t driving under the influence.

The 911 loops a mangled, with the whole front section of the car being completely crumpled up. Witnesses at the scene of the accident say Lindsey was bleeding and bruised, as was her passenger, a personal assistant.

The Hollywood star says she was not to blame for the accident, which took place on he Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica, California, as the eighteen wheeler cut her off. However, as the accident took place on a straight piece of road and the Porsche hit the back of the other vehicle, it doesn’t sound that good of an explanation.

What’s more, it wasn’t really her Porsche 911, as it was actually a rental car. Yes, it’s the brand new 911that just came out at the beginning of the year, and it’s a Carrera S, so it wasn’t cheap. Oh dear Lindsey, we hope you get better, but you need a driver and a slower car!
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