Man Attacks GM Headquarters in His Chevrolet

Man Attacks GM Headquarters in His Chevrolet
General Motors’ headquarters in Detroit, the Renaissance Center, has seen some pretty interesting photos in its life, but yesterday was certainly an unusual day for the glass building, as this was assaulted by a mad man driving a Chevy.

It all started with a small crash, when the driver of a sixth-generation Chevrolet Monte Carlo wanted to turn his car in the circular driveway and touched the building in a light manner, creating a crack in the glass.

The man was waiting for the police to arrive in order to file a report and, according to local blogger Ferndale 115 (this is also where the adjacent photo comes from), he became agitated. The aforementioned source explains that a witness heard the driver telling the guard that “if he was going to jail for hitting the building that he may as well drive right through it..."

What came next? The man slammed the Monte Carlo against the revolving door, with the frame being affected, as well as multiple large glass areas being shattered. The police has taken the driver into custody and is investigating the matter.

Via: Jalopnik
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