Mustang Boss: Wild Crash, Little Damage

Mustang Boss: Wild Crash, Little Damage
The adjacent video is a perfect example of how nice it is when you go racing and your guardian angel takes the form of a stretch of sand and a tire barrier. The clip shows a Mustang Boss wild crash that ends with spectacular results (very little damage compared to the apparent intensity of the accident).

It all starts with a Boss Mustang entering a sharp corner at a rate of speed that by far too high. The car obviously runs off the track and then we can see how the sand slows it down and the pile of tires allows for the kinetic energy to be nicely dissipated.

The car goes up in the air and spins, finally landing and allowing us to see much less damage that we expected at the beginning of the video. We have no information on the driver’s condition, but the little damage tells us that he should be fine.

Via: Trevor Andrusko / MotorSportMedia and Jalopnik
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