PGO Shows e-Hemera Hybrid

PGO Shows e-Hemera Hybrid

Not may people know of PGO, but they are a small and independent French car manufacturer - a rare thing these days. They are best known for their Hemera sports car - an automobile which looks very much like a Porsche 356 - in a very neo-retro kind of way.

Apart from the 1960s inspired styling, people who have driven it say it’s actually a very fun little car to drive, with its very low weight of under 1 ton, and 140 hp 2.0-liter engine. Now though, they’re moving into the future with a hybrid version of their Hemera. It features a 15kWh battery pack which is good for around 90 km (50 miles) of all electric range, which is replenished by a two-cylinder range extender which is powered by E85 ethanol, instead of gasoline.

With the car still using the standard Hemera’s 5-cog manual gearbox in combination with the electric motor, the results should be interesting to see.

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