Polo GTI Gets Interesting Pink Camo Wrap

Polo GTI Gets Interesting Pink Camo Wrap
Can girly pink and military camouflage be combined into a single pattern vinyl wrap? Can it be done successfully? Yes and yes, because the effect of giving the Polo GTI this type of wrap, combined with the pink rims really sets it apart from other modified motors.

The Volkswagen Polo GTI 6r Synergetic Effects is a joint project between MK-SoundStyle Neuss, AIV in Heilbronn and ASA-Wheels, car modding companies from the German town of Kaiserslauten. They have covered the Polo entirely in pink camo wrap and we think, despite the girly color, they’ve pulled it off, making what is a very boring car to look at, even in GTI guise, into an attention magnet.

However, the modifications don’t just stop with the vinyl wrap and special TEC AS2 wheels, as they go much much deeper. The car’s chassis is stiffened and modified to improve the semi-lackluster driving experience one gets behind the wheel of the Polo GTI.

With no engine mods, but plenty of speakers installed inside, this car is more suited for tuning shows than actually being driven on the road, and for that it’s areal shining example of how tuning can turn a run-of-the-mill hatchback into something special.
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