Violent Lamborghini Gallardo Crash in Germany

Violent Lamborghini Gallardo Crash in Germany
The Lamborghini Gallardo you see in the adjacent image was brought in this state yesterday, with the crash taking place in the proximity of Munich, Germany and the driver being injured in the unfortunate event.

The 29-year old man tried to overtake while driving at night, but the driver soon realized that he won’t be able to make it in time, as another car was coming the other way. He wanted to return to his lane, but he lost control of the Lambo on the wet road.

The man hit an electrical box on the side of the road, with the car ending up on the grass. The driver was seriously hurt in the crash and he was immediately transported to the hospital and as for the vehicle, this is looking like it will be a write-off.

Via: TZOnline
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